(Amman, Jordan – 22  June 2022)— Joramco, the Amman-based maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) provider and the engineering arm of Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE), announced the signing of an agreement with the leading Jordanian Microfinance Company (Tamweelcom), to finance the fees and tuition for joining the internationally-approved Joramco Academy program for vocational and technical training in maintenance, repair, and overhaul of commercial aircraft, under easy procedures and conditions with easy interest.


The one-year agreement aims to support students who meet the conditions for joining the program to enable them to rely on themselves and secure a future career in a dynamic and promising field in the Kingdom and the world. The agreement also helps students and their families in covering the payment and costs of registration in the academy to join the program, especially amid the current local and global economic conditions.

The agreement was signed on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, by the CEO of Tamweelcom, Basem Khanfar, and Joramco CEO, Fraser Currie, with several executives and managers attending from both parties.

The agreement will maintain equal opportunities for young graduates of vocational and technical training in the Jordanian market, as well as contribute to providing the Kingdom with more qualified and highly skilled technicians in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of commercial aircraft. The skilled technicians will support the business development and performance in the private sector and enhance its contribution to overall progress and economy, as they secure a prosperous and promising future for themselves and their families.

Joramco is committed to employing the program graduates benefitting from the agreement between Joramco Academy and Tamweelcom, according to available vacant opportunities. The value of the tuition fees agreed upon by the students and Tamweelcom will be deducted later from their salaries after graduation, and the value of the payments will be transferred directly to Tamweelcom.

Commenting on the agreement, Joramco CEO, Fraser Currie, said: “We are pleased to sign the agreement with Tamweelcom, as part of our partnerships with various institutions, which affirms our commitment at Joramco and through Joramco Academy, specializing in internationally accredited vocational training in maintenance, repair, and overhaul of commercial aircraft, to attract the Kingdom’s eager students and facilitate their training to refine their skills and abilities and qualify them to join the labor market in the sector. The training will help enhance the capabilities of the company and the Kingdom in catering to the increasing demand in this field, and also increase competitiveness.”

For his part, the CEO of Tamweelcom, Basem Khanfar, noted that the cooperation with Joramco stems from Tamweelcom’s vision to provide responsible financing and educational products that meet the needs of young students for the purposes of their enrollment in educational and training programs, especially those leading to employment, and thus improving their chances of joining the labor market, particularly in technical and vocational fields.

Joramco Academy offers a program for four consecutive years, covering both theoretical and practical aspects, and other technical programs. The academy focuses on providing those enrolled in its courses and programs with advanced and new skills required to be part of the ever-evolving aviation sector.