Non-Financial Services

Since the establishment of the Jordanian Microfinance Company (Tamweelcom), we have been a development partner for productive individuals and local communities wherever our scope of work exists. Tamweelcom has designed several programs that fall under non-financial services:


Capacity building and financial literacy training

We provide training with the aim of building the capabilities of our customers, raising awareness and the level of financial literacy to help them make financial decisions, whether in terms of their projects or their personal lives.

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Health Awarness

Tamweelcom conducts medical days throughout the year and across the Kingdom during which communities have access to free generalist and specialist doctors. This is further supplemented with public medical awareness sessions held by health providers, such as those addressing cancer screening, routine health checkups, and more.

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Participation in bazaars

Tamweelcom also conducts highly promoted bazaars throughout the year and across the Kingdom. As part of supporting the sustainability and growth of home-based and micro enterprises in Jordan, these bazaars offer clients and non-clients booth spaces at no charge. This provides these micro enterprises with the support they need to get exposure and increase sales.

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