ِAgreement between INJAZ and Tamweelcom to raise the financial litracy

"Injaz" signed a joint cooperation agreement with the "Jordanian Microfinance Company - Tamweelcom", It aims to spread financial litracy and raise awareness of "Tamweelcom" clients and members about financial litracy concepts such as saving, borrowing, budgeting, and rational consumption. And avoiding excessive debt and the principles of financial consumer protection to help the individual and the family and thus the community on proper financial planning, and provide them with sound financial decision-making skills.

Injaz said in a press release today, Sunday, that this agreement comes within its efforts to achieve the goals of financial inclusion and expand the impact of financial literacy on new target groups other than school students.

The "Jordanian Microfinance Company - Tamweelcom" is a pioneer in the microfinance sector for 23 years as a non-profit company that provides responsible financial solutions and services and implements international best practices for microfinance. It also offers various financing products and services to support the personal or commercial needs of productive individuals and people with limited income. with the aim of financial inclusion.


The agreement was signed by the CEO of Tamweelcom, Basem Khanfar, and the CEO of Injaz, Dima Al-Bibi.

Through the agreement, INJAZ is working on designing and developing an integrated training program for Tamweelcom's clients, which aims to raise the level of financial litracy among the company's clients, in all governorates of the Kingdom, to help them make wise financial decisions that will reflect on their families and the Jordanian society as a whole.

Injaz will also transfer the necessary knowledge and skills to Tamweelcom employees through a specialized training program in order to complete customer trainings and sustain the training program.

Basem Khanfar, CEO of Tamweelcom, expressed his happiness at signing the agreement, with the aim of increasing the company's customers' awareness of the basic skills of financial litracy and the application of financial management in daily life, which contributes to the financial inclusion of individuals and entrepreneurs, and to enhance and build the capacities of the target groups of this training, especially entrepreneurs and young people owners of small and micro projects, so that they can correct financial decisions.

For her part, Dima Al-Bibi said that the agreement is the beginning of a partnership that achieves the goals of the two institutions in raising awareness and financial education for individuals and societies, indicating that "INJAZ" and through its programs and partnerships has designed and developed a set of programs and curricula related to financial education and financial litracy, and that this agreement contributes to Achieving the goals of the program for new groups and reaching the largest number of beneficiaries.

Al-Bibi indicated that the agreement includes the preparation of a specialized training program for Tamweelcom employees to enable them to acquire presentation skills, employ appropriate training strategies for the target group, and educate male and female employees on the financial concepts necessary for them in training through the implementation of a simulation of the application of the "customer awareness training program", in addition to Preparing a training program targeting Tamweelcom clients and community members.