A simple skill made her an excellence entrepreneur


On the outskirts of the city of Madaba ... stories of success and struggle to be told as a proof of determination, this project contributes to the protection of the environment from the global pollution surrounding us.

The fifty three years old Mrs. Sahar Abu Nassar, has been living harsh life circumstances where it became mandatory for her to work and support her family for them to live in decency.

Sahar began working in the Bedouin and Falahi embroidery 14 years ago from her house, also used to do some tailoring to the neighbors and relatives for a humble monetary fees , after a while she had decided to develop the project. She went and got a fund of 1000 JOD from Tamweelcom which gave her the opportunity to purchase cloth, accessories, threads, a small machine and the necessary tools to start. Her monthly income became much better as she was able to raise economic and social level of her family which consist of four children.

Her ambition did not just stop there, it has become bigger and bigger, where she has decided to develop the project and grow it, by applying for another fund from Tamweelcom with an amount of 3000 JOD in order to buy new sewing machines.
After the hard work and the great effort she had the opportunity to open a small tailoring workshop. But unfortunately after a while she had to close the shop and transferred the project to her house although it has been officially licensed, after receiving funding from Tamweelcom. Tamweelcom became a strategic partner for Mrs. Sahar the giving hand that she depends on, transforming her and her family members’ economic, social and financial circumstances to a better level and changing her from a consumer to a productive woman and a leading entrepreneur.

“There is no limits to my ambition, determination and dreams. I have a large number of ideas full of enthusiasm, productivity and impact to the society. Having a continuous persistence will keep me closer to my dreams hopping to expand my project and move to a shop in the middle of the commercial market” said Sahar.

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