Sana' Daas


Sana', who started working in the field of soap and oil perfumes manufacturing 8 years ago, says that she managed to learn this industry through her readings and studies about this profession in specialized books and the relevant websites.

Sana' explains that she started her enterprise with a capital not exceeding 300 Jordan Dinars by which she bought her production inputs and raw materials as well as the plastic containers and raw perfume from wholesale traders at the local market.

Sana' noted that prior to her start with this industry of soap and oil perfumes manufacturing she conducted a kind of feasibility study by surveying the market to get to know the most attractive commodities among nationals and which can be easily manufactured and sold. Sana' explained that marketing of her products was only limited among her family contacts. However, it soon took off and spread among neighbors, friends and in specialized exhibitions along with marketing through social media websites.

Sana' noted that she got some support from “Irada” program by marketing her products as well as giving training courses on soap and perfume manufacturing for financial support. The “Irada” program, launched in 2002, aims at urging citizens towards investment in small and medium enterprises as a means for earning income and improving their living conditions besides promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and the culture of self-reliance in the aim of building productive communities that are capable of contributing to economic and social development in Jordan.

 Sana', who makes soap in her home, says that working in soap making earns her a monthly income of not less than 200 Jordan Dinars. According to Sana', the minimum price of a soap bar she sells is JD 3 and the maximum price of any bar is JD 5; that is according to size and product’s ingredients.

Sana' explains that she has decided to increase her capital by getting a loan from “Tamweelcom” Foundation at 300 JD’s in order to increase production as well as taking part in the exhibitions held by the Foundation after she has had her base of customers for her products.

She concludes: “The small assistance from Tamweelcom changed my life greatly. I am now perusing a passion of mine and making revenue out of it. I can help out my family, and am able to be a self-sufficient person.  I am very proud of the great strides I have surpassed and I hope to keep going and going, side-by-side with Tamweelcom.”

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