Sahar Abu Nassar


Previous to approaching Tamweelcom, Sahar who worked in embroidery, was a woman trying to support her family of five after her husband fell sick and was unable to work anymore.

In 2008, Sahar decided to approach Tamweelcom for funds to purchase embroidery machines, increase the number of workers, their salaries and to buy the raw materials need to produce the high quality dresses, bags, shoes, scarves, tablecloths, and other items.

With the support of Tamweelcom, Sahar obtained her first loan, and not too long after, she obtained a second loan. Sahar Abu Nassar was able to develop her tailoring workshop in Madaba by obtaining a loan from the Tamweelcom in Madaba, not to mention employ nearly 55 women.

Sahar stated: “Tamweelcom's role did not end at the funding part, but rather went beyond that towards marketing the embroideries by giving her the opportunity to participate in the Souq Ayadi Bazaars that Tamweelcom hosted in Mecca Mall and Abdoun Mall, where I was able to market a large quantity of my work. I am very grateful for obtaining my loan from Tamweelcom as I am certain no other micro-finance company would have supported me and believed in me as they did.”


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