Nayem Al Abdullah


Under these difficult circumstances through which Na'ayem Faleh Al-Abdullah was living, coupled with the numerous and multi-requirements of family, the work of woman has become imperative in order to help her family in providing the necessities for a simple and decent life. This is where Mrs. Na'ayem's began trading in simple clothes at her house to assist in maintaining her family and life them out of the poverty and destitution circle.

She used to buy some clothes, display them in her house and sell them to her neighbors. She was spending whatever profit she makes towards the study of her children and providing a decent life for them. But the difficult circumstances were accelerating over Na'ayem and she decided to develop herself and her business.

In 2014, she resorted to Tamweelcom to obtain financing to enable the development of her business particularly after making extensive connections through her work in the sale of clothes.

She then obtained a driving license, bought a bus and began to sell clothes outside the area of her residence and develop her business as she began to bring clothes from Aqaba at a lower cost and sell them out.

Then, another project came to mind. With her connections and good reputation, she began to drive students to their places of study and bring them back home.

She would reach families to any place they wish against a charge, thereby providing her a fixed monthly income which considerably contributed in the advancement of her family's social and economic standard, as she became an owner of assets and her children were receiving a good standard of education.

She says: “With the advancement of my businesses, my personality developed and became stronger. I am more independent with a feeling of being productive and able to maintain my family socio-economic status without worrying and requesting for the help of others.” Na’ayem adds: I will not forget Tamweelcom’s financing to me because they are the ones who were encouraging and financing me for economic growth each time I wanted support to expand. Now I have a big ambition to get a big financing and start a fashion shop.

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