Mohammad Idrees


Mere curiosity was the main drive after my hobby which has been growing over the last 15 years and which has become a profession I live on.” This is what Mohammad Idrees the professional in pottery-made views has to say.

Mohammad, in his thirties, adds, “I learned to make pottery-made views by myself by following an older brother of mine who used to make pottery-made views.” Day after day, Mohammad, a father of three, increased his care about this profession. He, then, started his ‘adventure’ with a capital not exceeding 50 JD’s.

Mohammad says, “With this small amount I managed to buy production inputs, such as pottery and paint,” noting that his start in making pottery-made views was at home.

The most important pottery items Mohammad makes are pottery fountains, vases, and frames of various sizes and shapes. Mohammad explains that marketing of his products was primarily limited among friends and neighbors. However, this process of marketing soon took off across communication social websites and via participation in specialized exhibitions besides displaying his products in Oriental Artifacts shops.

Mohammad says, “After succeeding in creating a base of customers, I decided to increase my capital to 700 JD’s, and working in a workshop instead of working from home in order to increase production and to achieve a good financial turnover.” Mohammad elaborates saying that working in this industry of making pottery-made views contributes in achieving a monthly income of about 600 JD’s, particularly in the summer when marketing of such products takes off in the specialized exhibitions.

According to Mohammad, the minimum price of one pottery view is one JD and the highest price of one item could go up to JD 150, according to size and the amount of work exerted in their production, noting that the profit margin in each piece amounts to 20%. Mohammad also noted that he got a loan of 800 JD from Tamweelcom 5 years ago, and after repaying it, he got another loan of 600 JD’s so as to increase production and to purchase more of production inputs.

Mohammad asks government authorities to provide affordable financing instruments especially for small enterprises and with low interest rates in order to enable such enterprises to develop and increase their production, besides holding of specialized exhibitions to display such products and sell them directly to citizens. In his turn,

Mohammad states: “Without the help of Tamweelcom, I wouldn’t have been able to open up a workshop that drastically increased my production levels, leading to more money generated. I can now provide better education and healthcare for my family and that is what my goal in life is; to take good care of my family. I am blessed to be able to do that now, while working in my field of passion.”

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