Khaleda Khrisat


Mrs. Khaleda Khreisat, is a holder of a Diploma in accounting and has a 13 years’ experience in the field of porcelain. She talked about her journey to success and said that she had trained at the Noor Al-Husain Foundation Centre at Salt Reconstruction Center. Then, she got married and started working from home. Later, she started to seek some small financing which could help her to proceed with her work without being forced to get bank loans.

She learned about “Tamweelcom” for micro-enterprises and applied for finance and received an amount of 300 JD’s by which she started her. She worked in this manner for two years where she had customers. She then hoped of having her own workshop for porcelain works and so she rented the old headquarters of Salt Training Centre for Handicraft and employed 4 young women and 3 young men.

Mrs. Khreisat indicated that she continued her communication with “Tamweelcom” and was committed towards the Foundation, and then received another financing amount of 600 JD’s. Now, she was part of the free exhibition at “Ayadi” market which is one of “Tamweelcom’s initiatives which supports the owners of small enterprises by helping them in promoting and marketing their products.

Now, she had her customers from outside of the city of Salt, such as hotels as well as her participation with her products in some occasions and bazaars. She also explained that she got a grant from USAID by which she made publicity brochures and renovated the decorations in her shop which has become part of the tourist project in the city and consequently has become part of the tourist tours schedule to the city for the wonderful artistic and beautiful household utensils produced by her workshop and reflect the history of the city and of Jordan through the pretty mosaic drawings which she engraves on her products.

She added that some of the students from the Vocational Training Centre spend their internships at her workshop. She also said that her employees are subscribed to the Social Security given that salaries she gives reach up to JD 300 per month and her workshop has its own website on the Internet by which she could publicize her products which reached some of the Gulf countries. She is also seeking to get her products to the USA through her acquaintances there.

Mrs. Khreisat continued: “When I first started seriously considering my project, I never imagined the lengths it could cover, I thought, I could sell locally for small amount of income. But with the first helping hand of Tamweelcom, and then the USAID, I am now aspiring to open up a Training Center for porcelain works. I will definitely need the support of Tamweelcom and I know they will support me through this beautiful journey”



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