Kawthar Saleem


Kawther who started her project in Irbid four years ago was working at home as some of her neighbors were leaving there children with her to head for their work.

From the depth of the tragedy, innovation emerges and due to the difficult circumstances through which Kawther was going through in her house with her children and husband who is suffering from disability from work due to multiple diseases where no sooner that kindergarten in her house evolved into a big private project for her and her family which generated considerable income to her.

Kawther establish a kindergarten and named it "Most Delightful World" (Ahla Aalam) subsequent to obtaining financing to her project from Tamweelcom.  Kawthar stated that she came to know about Tamweelcom from one of her friends and explained that Tamweelcom played a basic role at the inception of the project as she was able through the initial project as she was able through the initial financing she received to furnish the kindergarten and being in all the basic items to it.

Her project was transformed from two children in her house to a big kindergarten with 70 children. Then she began to get to receive financing in an individual form and when she completes payments she will be able to get a bigger financing as she said that the kindergarten has become qualified to accommodate a considerable number of children and she is now one of the best kindergartens in Idon in view of the good reputation it enjoys as we observe general safety at work, cleanliness, honesty, credibility and good dealing with the parents and children.

A section for 3-4 years buds and we also teach them specific curriculum so that they make use of the time they stay at the kindergarten and our fees are low in consideration of all of these services. She engaged more than (8) governesses and the project has become a source of in-come to her families and to many families working for her in the kindergarten. Kawthat was able to improve the economic and social level for herself and her family as she was transformed from lessee to a landlord of a big house. She has arranged for health insurance to her families, teaching her children in private schools and bought some assets. She says that the power will and determination to succeed are my weapon and transformed from an unproductive lady relying on third parties to a productive lady, supporting myself and family, business lady engaging workers.

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