Intention and determination creates a success story


By combining determination with persistence in art a success story is created. Here begins the journey of Maher, the forty four years old.

Maher started working in a shop that sells car parts in the Qweismeh. He had developed a great deal of skills which made him become a partner to the owner of the shop, and then bought the whole shop from the owner by installments. The first financing amount was 8000 JOD from Tamweelcom, but because of the difficult economic conditions he stumbled slightly and got another funding to stand up all over again.

He was able to develop the project and enhance it, which made his shop one of the best auto parts shops in the region he also created a chance for his brother by working with him.

Maher started to think that he has a great talent of wood sculpturing and started to emphasize on it, this idea made him invent a new tool for sculpture that are unknown to sculptors and visual artists.

He continues to say that his work methods are an academic method taught in the faculties of Fine Arts and colleges teaching sculpture and drawing. To be able to take the dimensions and anatomy of the correct sculptor he started reading and teaching books, always looking for the best tools through the Internet to keep pace with the development of the industry.

With the development of his ideas and by the virtue of his work in the industrial area, using tools and machines and knowledge of raw materials well, he chose a part of the shop and allocated it for the sculpture designs where people approached him requesting to purchase his custom work, one day he met someone who criticized him and told him that this is not art, This had provoked Maher which made him go to the “Association of Fine Artists” and presented his talent which gave him the chance to become a member.

His work became widely spread, he started sculpting statues and any visual images presented to him, he also participated in local exhibitions made him become a good icon of this wonderful art. Maher worked on a customized statues of His Majesty King Abdullah II where he sent to the Royal Hashemite court and got awarded for it.

He has become well connected with interested individuals and other artistes through social networking sites, Maher aims to expand and spread to open a large project on wood sculpturing.

Maher says :” it is determination, that will make a man, and itself would turn him into a success story. Now I have a stronger ambition and I have dreams that I plan on making them come true”.

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