Ghazwa Abu Al Radan


On the day she lost her husband and became a widow, Ghazwa realized the size of new responsibility and burden on her family, where she was the one responsible to taking care of her children and securing them with proper education.

Ghazwa worked as an employee at a  local school, but her income was not sufficient to support her children. Ghazwa considered taking the small land she owned close to her home and start investing by planting vegetables and season in greenhouses.

The story Ghazwa started with Tamweelcom in 2011, where a simple funding helped her to start to realize the idea of the project and day after day, season after season, was able to establish a good business that supports herself and her family, where her children were able to continue their university learning, get married and even improve the family's home. Ghazwa expanded her business where she hired women from her community to support her project, thus contributing to improving the income of their families.

"On the day I lost the means of financial security, I decided not to surrender. I knew that there was hope that I needed perseverance and patience."

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