Fathiyyeh Sunoqrot


Fathiyyeh started her journey with Tamweelcom in 2007 when she wanted to establish a business in the field of tricot and flower arrangement, where she learned both professions at the hands of skilled artisans and realized that that was her dream.

Coming to Tamweelcom, she received her first loan, with a group of four other women, in which she worked diligently to develop her profession in designing and processing gypsum.

Tamweelcom further extended a helping hand to Fathiyyeh, helping her promote her products through participation in various exhibitions and bazaars, such as the International Village, which provided her with sufficient revenue to repay her financing, in addition to expanding her work.

A couple of years later, after she finished repaying her first loan, she quickly applied for a second one to buy and process the molds used in forming gypsum. Her collection expanded from 2 to 61 gypsum-forming molds, and as a result, her production capacity increased and her income doubled.

Asserting her support and encouragement of small developmental projects, Queen Rania Al-Abdallah visited Fathiyyeh's simple home and saw her artistic products, congratulating her for winning the City Group award as one of the best small projects through Tamweelcom.

Fathiyyeh said: “Tamweelcom not only supported me by giving me finance, they also believed in my project to the extent where they allowed me to showcase my products in their many bazaars for free. Their persistent support, with my dedication, made this project succeed in ways I would have never imagined.”


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