Fakhriya Al-Mazin


Fakhriya Al-Mazin, a single woman supporting her sister, began her journey with Tamweelcom in 2006. She was always interested in using her artistic skills to create embroidered clothing and handicrafts, however she didn’t have the start-up capital to begin her project.

In 2006, realizing that commercial lending services were not accessible to her, she approached Tamweelcom and obtained her first loan which enabled her to increase her production.

Later on, she obtained her second loan and started supplying wholesale shops. By then, her income increase and she was financially capable of providing health-care and an improved standard of living for herself and her sister.

Five loans later, Fakhriya is achieving personal success and professional sustainability; she is moving toward financial independence, close to realizing her dream of rebuilding her house, and is part-owner of a shipping vehicle that costs 40,000 JD’s.

Fakhriya stated: without Tamweelcom’s support towards my project, I would have never been able to become an economically productive woman in society and would not have been able to realize my dream. Through Tamweelcom’s support, I have changed my life around, living my dream, becoming an independent woman and an effective and productive member of society.”

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