Esmat Mdanat


Esmat Madanat

Giving Special a Different Meaning

When life throws rocks at you, use them to build something. We often hear these phrases but we rarely take heed, however, Ismat did. Being a special needs person, she knew that a two-hour task might take her an entire day, but she wouldn’t allow that to limit her ambition, or delay her from pursuing her passion.

Ismat, who lives in Madaba with her brother and his family, used to go to the Jordan Special Sports Club to practice the basics of knitting, weaving, and embroidering. Her impeccable embroidery skills stood out and thiscaught the eyes of the club visitors. She was advised to develop her talent into a business.

Being dependent on her brother, Ismat couldn’t finance her business idea and purchase the needed materials. She turned to Tamweelcom, where we offered her the first financing to kick-start her business.

She is now the proud owner of a Facebook online store, whereby she markets her handcrafted art pieces. She stresses the importance of persistence and having a positive attitude; saying, “Success means sleepless nights and stepping outside your comfort zone, and that is the only available pathway to success”.

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