Emad Dababneh


Back in 2004, Emad started working with nothing but one sewing machine in a small empty storeroom where he would stitch and fix clothes. For six years straight, he continued doing that along with the dream of wanting to have a sewing machine and be able to develop his work.

As the years passed, Emad wanted to make his dream come true. That is when he approached Tamweelcom in 2010 asking for  financial support and an opportunity to help achieve his goal to make a successful story out of it. With the first financial support, Emad was able to buy the primary supplies and a new sewing machine to help with his outstanding talent in sewing and tailoring Arabian Bedouin style living rooms which are highly demanded by the region of Na’our. 

Today marks a day of an achieved dream. As Tamweelcom kept on providing and renewing the financial aid for Emad, he became capable of expanding his work in the sewing field and began helping others in becoming skilled tailors to work by his side. Later in 2013, Emad asked for a final financial support from Tamweelcom to help him open another branch concerned with the sewing of curtains next to different sections of tailoring Arabian and Gulf styled living rooms and fixing and sewing clothes. This catching opportunity gave him an exceptional reputation of his identity that spread throughout the region on Na’our and all other regions around it. 

“It was the most beautiful feeling ever when I saw my dream become reality, because of God and with the help of Tamweelcom, I now own two sewing shops, I helped in providing a job opportunity for others, I became capable of providing for my children and get them into college, and improve my family’s income… and for that, Tamweelcom will always be my companion throughout my journey.”Emad says.

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