Dr. Firas Muhammad


Firas Muhammad

The Modern Dentist

The story of the Pedriatric doctor who owns a medical centre under the name of “Al-Mutakamelah” began when he started thinking of the insertion of modern medical devices into his centre, his ambition towards that grew day by day in order to achieve his goal.

By the end of the year 2015, he began his journey with Tamweelcom. Firas asked for the first financial support which allowed him to enter modern medical devices into his clinic, which assisted him in acquiring a better reputation in the market and as a result, raise the number of his patients. After the full success of the first financial support, Firas thought that he should not stop there and Tamweelcom encouraged him not to. With the second financial support, Firas became capable of buying the Color Doppler Ultrasound device and was known to be the first in his region, Hai Nazzal, to own it and use it in his clinic. This device has helped the patients in which they used to go to other areas just to use this medical device and now he has saved them the trouble and distance by providing it in the same area. Firas still kept going and he went on for a third financial support to continue with the process of modernization of medical devices and equipments.

“One day, I was looking at my medical center and I thought to myself that I should work on improving it and insert modern medical devices until I can help with giving medical assistance to as much people as possible. Because of Tamweelcom, my words turned into action and accomplishments, and my personal income has improved along with other family incomes, as the center has provided different job opportunities to other people.” Firas says.

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