Ayda Al Qurnh


Among the slabs of wood and the noise of machines in a basement is Aida Al-Qurneh, busy in her carpentry business for nearly six years making high quality children’s closets, bedrooms, and gift boxes.

Aida is a carpenter, a vocation that has long been monopolized by men. She has taken up this craft to overcome the difficulties of life for herself and her family.

Aida, who is a divorced woman in her 30's and supports three children and her sister’s family, learned the arts of her trade only by watching, without receiving any formal training. She explains, "I worked at an upholstery shop for ten years. Nearby, there was a carpentry shop and I used to watch how the workers cut the wood and designed the closets and the bedrooms."

Aida indicates that her work in carpentry began with two years of learning the skills to operate the simple hand tools used in the trade of making gift boxes. In 2008, she obtained her first finance from Tamweelcom for the amount of 500 JD’s which enabled her to buy a wood-cutting machine, and Aida began fabricating children's closets, bedrooms.

In 2009, Aida applied for another finance for the amount of 1000 JD’s to buy wood painting machines, as well as other tools for her workshop. Aida works alone, cutting the wood, assembling it, and painting the final product without anyone's help.

This financing enabled Aidah to buy the required tools to increase her productivity that made her being able to except more orders, thus, selling more.

During the initial stages of her business, Aida relied on a third party to market and sell her products. Later on, Aida further developed her business skills as she began marketing her own products by going door-to-door to furniture stores to present her carpentry pieces.

Most traders buy furniture but do not pay for them until they are sold. However, Aida has been able to find resellers who buy her products and pay for them in advance. Aida indicates that she has also managed to build a strong clientele base over the years "because of the high quality of products and the competitive prices" she is proud to provide. Aida's inspiration comes from seeing ready-made imported products in furniture stores or on the internet, as well as relying on clients' ideas.

Now, Aida is requesting funds to increase her production, expand her work, and establish her own showroom. Additionally, she wants invest in a pick-up truck to provide furniture delivery services for her clients.

Tamweelcom has supported Aida in her endeavors to succeed, and H.M. Queen Noor visited Aida at her carpentry shop to see her unique products. Aida had the chance to attend the open discussion work shop with H.M. Queen Rania that was held by Tanmeyah. As a matter of fact, Aida was one of the distinguished clients who had the chance to win the Citi Bank Award for Entrepreneurs for 2012.


Aida says, “Thank God, despite the debt accumulation, I am able to work and repay the Finances. Thanks to Tamweelcom, who has been providing me with support to achieve part of my dreams now I have increased my income and expanded my products as I am well known and recognized social wise I have been able to build great reputation amongst society.


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