Ambition of independency could be formed by the support of Tamweelcom


Nadra Abdul Latif is 41 years old, holds a bachelor's degree in social studies, started homemade soap production in 2010 from home, the olive oil soap industry started with a cost of 50 JOD only. She soon developed the small workplace with the addition of medicinal herbs and oils, by requiring funding for her project from Tamweelcom.

The initial fund amount was 1000 JOD. After full payment of the amount she had requested another, until she got the amount of 1800 JOD to buy the needed raw materials for the soap industry.

In 2014 she started adding glycerin to the soap in addition to some medicinal herbs with olive oil. She had participated in more than one competition in the Kingdom and won twice. She won the City Bank for Small Business Award 2017. With the prize she received so got the project licensed and turned into a small workshop, and became interested in promoting her products engaging 4 ladies with her from the same area in the process. Now she has a page on one of the social networking sites, and exports outside the country of her distinctive products, but exporting is in few amounts due to shipping charges and others taxes.

Nadra says “Tamweelcom follows my business as a partner for support and because of that I have been able to elite with my work from the rest of the competitors and my life is remarkably better at all levels. I am now a project owner and one of the pioneers who managed to become producers with simple and inexpensive ideas. I have 5 children who can live well in terms of health and education. I bought a house and a car. I aim to expand my work area and create jobs for the people of my hometown Jerash.


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