Aida Abu-Laban


Aida’s story began years before she approached Tamweelcom. Aida turned a simple hobby of decorating chocolate and making baskets into a small business which produced a modest income to support her children; where she had one daughter that was born with birth defects and required constant care and physical therapy which put a strain on their finances.

Aida then opened a small shop to sell her products, however the clientele was limited to family and friends - and that was not sustainable enough. Aida needed a loan to achieve her dream of opening a large shop in Amman.

In 2008, she approached Tamweelcom for her first loan of 300 JOD’s from Tamweelcom and invested it in purchasing the materials to make her products. From there, she took advantage of the free Souq Ayyadi bazaars and showrooms to promote her products and increase her sales. Tamweelcom has helped Aida improve her business, build her client-base, increase her income and provide a better standard of living for her family.

Aida said: “I look forward to the future with hope and optimism knowing that Tamweelcom will guide me to achieving my dreams. Tamweelcom has opened the gates to my success and helped me pass through many obstacles. With Tamweelcom by my side, and along with my will and determination, my business is flourishing and I am forever grateful.”

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