Abdullah Al-Kafaween


Before Abdullah approached Tamweelcom; a married man with two children; he was desperate to improve his standard of living. A blacksmith that runs his own shop, his low income does not provide for the requirements of a decent living; not even owning furniture, kitchen and other basic needs for a humble and preserved lifestyle.

In 2009, Abdullah approached Tamweelcom to obtain a loan for 800 JD’s where, through it, he was able to improve the financial status of his shop by purchasing raw materials.

“The increase in my salary changed my life, as well as my family's life, and it has also fulfilled some of the hopes and dreams I had.  I am moving forward the right way, and have won the City Group Award for Entrepreneurs.” Abdullah states.

He continues: "I’m grateful to Tamweelcom which placed the first brick for developing my life. My business began moving forward, and my income increased which allowed me to fulfill some urgent needs, such as buying a new bedroom for the children, changing the kitchen cabinets and buying the basics what I could not buy before."

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