Micro and Small Enterprises Loans

Loans with maximum amount of the equivalent of €25,000 are provided by Tamweelcom in favour of the Final Beneficiaries in collaboration and partnership with the European Investment Bank under the below eligible criteria : 

  • Loans used to finance new Sub-Projects undertaken by the Final Beneficiary .
  • Microenterprises defined as businesses with fewer than 10 employees (including self-employed entrepreneurs and sole-proprietorships, operating in urban and/or rural areas) .
  • Minimum maturity of 12 months .
  • The refinancing of existing loans is explicitly excluded.
  • Any investments and expenditures incurred in the context of the economic activities of Final Beneficiaries, except for purely financial transactions, land purchase, and the purchase (or construction or renovation) of residential real estate used for own purposes or with the purpose of selling or renting the building to a third party. Investments and expenditures that are eligible for financing include costs related to the purchase and installation of tangible assets (equipment, stocks, etc.) and intangible costs directly related to the Project (feasibility studies, training, technical assessment, etc.).
  • The term of a Sub-Financing should correspond to the economic and technical life of the Sub-Projects financed.
  • Sub-Projects shall be economically, environmentally, technically and financially sound.
  • Household needs and consumer loans (including salary loans) are not eligible.
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