About us

About Us

Tamweelcom (Jordan Microfinance Company) is the gateway to financial stability, sustainability and self-preservation for Jordan’s unbanked individuals.

Tamweelcom was founded in 1999 with a 30,000 JD grant, five employees and one branch. For 20 years, we have aimed to elevate employment rates, foster socio-economic advancement and empower low-income individuals within Jordan.

In our time, we have celebrated many milestones. Today, Tamweelcom is a 50 million JOD company that caters to 90,000 clients and enterprises. It has over 500 employees across a network of 39 physical branches and two mobile bus branches – it is the only microfinance institution to operate mobile branches in the Kingdom.

Tamweelcom is owned by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, one of the King Hussein Foundation’s pioneering development entities.

Today’s Focus

As we are constantly looking ahead to the future, we have outlined a concrete set of goals to allow us to remain competitive in the industry, while also upholding our high standard of client satisfaction.

Some of these goals include:

  • Incorporate technological solutions into our product offerings that will save clients’ time, effort, and money.
  • Extend our outreach and operations by utilizing digital services that increase access to a greater pool of clients across the Kingdom.
  • Continue to encourage economic growth and development by supporting more micro- and small-business entrepreneurs.
  • Expand our daily practices and policies to include universal standards for Social Performance Management and client protection principles.
  • Ensure financial responsibility and financial inclusion for all.

Our Team

Tamweelcom’s team is comprised of industry experts who are fully committed to the collective mission of empowering individuals to become productive members of society. We have over 500 staff members working in sales, follow-up and loan management to guide and support our clients every step of the way.

  • Basem Khanfar            (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Issam Shnoudeh          (Chief Business Officer)
  • Ahmad Ghnaim          (Chief Financial and Administration Officer)

Board of Directors

Tamweelcom is governed by a Board of Directors with invaluable knowledge and experience in the microfinance field. Equipped with their strong backgrounds, each member of the board brings a wealth of guidance to Tamweelcom to ensure that our practice, products and services are all designed to successfully assist and empower productive, low-income, unbanked individuals across Jordan.

Board members are:

  • Niveen Abboushi (Chairwoman)
  • Hana Mitri Shahin (Vice - Chairwoman)
  • Anas Rimawi (Member)
  • Khaled Al Saqqaf (Member)
  • Deema Bibi (Member)
  • Basem Khanfar (Member)
  • Bashar Arafeh (Member)

Corporate Governance

At Tamweelcom, we operate in accordance to the international standards of global Microfinance Institutions (MFIs). We follow a practical and sustainable approach that drives us forward through honesty, transparency and integrity. Our culture maintains the utmost level of professionalism, and our scope of work complies with the legal and regulatory framework of the Central Bank of Jordan.

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