About us


Tamweelcom ( Jordan Micro Finance Company) is the underbanked individuals’ gateway to financial stability, sustainability and self-preservation

Tamweelcom started in 1999 with a 30,000 JD grant, 5 employees, 1 branch, and the purpose of elevating employment rates, fostering socio-economic advancement, and lifting productive low-income individuals out of poverty. Tamweelcom makes this possible by providing responsible financial solutions and services to ensure financial inclusion for all.

Throughout its 20 years, Tamweelcom has celebrated many milestones and achieved many firsts in Jordan. Today, Tamweelcom is a 47 million JOD company that caters to 86,000 unbanked clients and enterprises through over 500 employees spread across a network of 38 physical branches and 2 mobile bus branches; the only microfinance institution to operate mobile branches in the Kingdom

Tamweelcom is owned by the Noor Al Hussein Foundation, one of the King Hussein Foundation’s pioneering development entities.

About Us

At Tamweelcom, we provide productive, low-income, unbanked individuals, overlooked by mainstream financial institutions, with a variety of financial solutions, products, and services to support their personal or business needs and ensure success and financial inclusion for all. Our aim is to support underprivileged individuals through our services in order for them to propel forward, improve their own standard of living, and become financially stable members of society.

Our overall mission is to improve the economic productivity in Jordan, which mostly relies on micro and small businesses. That is why we provide a variety of responsible financial solutions to licensed, semi-licensed, and non-licensed businesses.

At Tamweelcom, we provide a multitude of products and services that meet the needs and requirements of low-income individuals to ensure financial inclusion and success for all.


Today’s Focus

We aim to utilize our expertise as well as our ability to connect with an extended underbanked community to provide financial products and services to ensure that individuals are able to secure a sustainable and prosperous future.

In addition to adopting new products and services alongside our digital financial services, we aim to provide fast track funding, transparent detailed loan reports, and more.

Tamweelcom sums its goals as follows:

  • Promote self-productivity and self-preservation through providing responsible financial products and services.
  • Provide our vast client base with complimentary services.
  • Provide tailored technologies that save clients’ time, effort, and money.
  • Finance a large pool of underserved income generating enterprises and financially excluded citizens.
  • Aid the socio-economic development of both clients and non-clients within their communities.
  • Extend our outreach and operations by utilizing digital services that increase accessibility to our products and services.
  • Expand our daily practices and policies to include universal standards for Social Performance Management and client protection principles.
  • Continuously improve our client servicing standards and operational productivity.
  • Ensure financial responsibility and financial inclusion for all.

Corporate Governance

At Tamweelcom, we operate in accordance to the international standards of global Microfinance Institutions. We follow a practical and sustainable approach that drives us forward through honesty, transparency and integrity. Our culture complements the utmost level of professionalism, and our scope of work complies with the legal and regulatory framework of the Central Bank of Jordan.

Board of Directors

Tamweelcom is governed by a Board of Directors with invaluable knowledge and experience in the microfinance field. Equipped with their strong backgrounds, each member of the board brings a wealth of guidance to Tamweelcom to ensure that our practice, products, and services are all designed to successfully assist and empower productive, low-income, unbanked individuals across the country.

Board members are:

  • Niveen Abboushi (Chairwoman)
  • Hana Mitri-Shahin (Vice-Chairman)
  • Anas Rimawi (Board Member)
  • Khalid Saqqaf (Board Member)
  • Deema Bibi (Board Member)
  • Basem Khanfar (Board Member)
  • Bashar Arafeh (Board Member)

Management Team

Tamweelcom team is comprised of committed business-savvy leaders and industry experts, bringing years of experience to a young company. They cultivate a strong culture and work tirelessly to help our team scale grow, and succeed. We have a trained team of over 400 dedicated staff in sales, follow up and loan management to guide and support loans every step of the way.

  • Ali Abdel Jabbar         (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Ayman AL Badri         (Chief financial officer)
  • Issam Shnoudeh          (Chief Business Officer)

Our Team

Our team consists of industry experts who are fully committed to Tamweelcom’s collective mission of empowering individuals to become productive members of society. We have over 500  highly-trained staff members who cultivate our business ethics and work tirelessly to help Tamweelcom, its clients, and Jordanian communities grow and succeed.

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