Tamweelcom Organizing its Annual Ceremony


In the attendance of company employees, BOD Chairman Mrs.Niveen Abboushi and BOD member Mr.Bassem Khanfar; Jordan Microfinance Company (Tamweelcom) held a huge ceremony at Country Club – Airport Road, which included a speech for the BOD chairman and Executive Director Mr. Ali Abdel Jabbar ; where they acknowledged the employees’ performance in fulfilling various achievements while focusing on the most important aspirations of Tamweelcom for the coming phase. Jarrah Al-Hawamdeh, the first Arabian citizen climbing Everest with prosthetics gave a motivational speech for employees in which he shared his journey full of challenges in fighting cancer with his objective of climbing the highest mountains, as he encouraged them to challenge obstacles ad endeavor for success with self-esteem. The ceremony also included honoring and providing awards for the best branches during 2017 with regards to performance, productivity and the best employee of the year in aspects of professionalism, serving internal clients, external clients, leadership and creativity.      
This ceremony comes for accentuating the company’s institutional approach of meeting with employees of all branches spread around the Kingdom along with the higher management and BOD members for achieving social aspirations and as the company believes in its mission of creating full mergence between all employee of different administrative levels, building team spirit and creating optimal working atmosphere. 
Mrs. Niveen Abboushi , BOD Chairman, indicated that the company undergone positive changes that were reflected on its performance and achievements, which are also considered as one of the most important reasons for company success and being able to achieve its objective thanks to its high potentials and expertise in microfinance in addition to their belief in the company’s social mission of improving individuals and societies’ life, and based on these expertise, Tamweelcom is classified as one of the most important microfinance companies in the sector. 
Executive Director Mr. Ali Abdel Jabbar  commended the achievements of the company during the last year and added that the employees of Tamweelcom are the cause of success achieved by the company; whereas they are led by team spirit, through which the company can fulfill all its goals. Tamweelcom also continues in doing so by providing the highest professional standards of working environment in addition to developing financial and non-financial services in order to make clients’ experience exceptional with regards to the quality of service and effectiveness of procedures.
Tamweelcom also hosted a number of its distinguished clients for participating with their crafts in an exhibition in order for employees to choose souvenirs.    
The ceremony ended with giving time for employees to practice the available entertainment activities provided by the company including carting, skyline and riding horses. 
It is worth mentioning that Tamweelcom is always seeking to support its employees with all the available entertainment and training activities to make their working journey special, motivate them for productivity, working with team spirit, preparing and providing them with the best occupational and practical skills that make them within the best employees in the field of microfinance. 

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