Tamweelcom Organizes Free Medical Day in Southern Shouneh District


In collaboration with the Jordan Breast Cancer Programs and the Institute for Family Health as well as all Jordan youth commission, The Jordan Micro Credit Company (Tamweelcom) organized a free medical day in Shouneh district in Um Kulthoum Primary School.

The day included general medicine clinics, Pediatrics, gynecological, family healthcare, blood pressure, physiotherapy, and special education, in addition to breast cancer screening. Furthermore, it included counseling and mental health services, as well as The Ophthalmology Clinic with over1730   medical services has been provided and 2 cases were transferred.

The free medical day comes as a part of its social responsibility towards the local community and to signal their community services- based message.

Tamweelcom’s CEO, Mr. Ali Abdel Jabbar commented: “A free medical day is considered one of the most important social services offered by Tamweelcom to members and non-members in the local community, whereby these free days are intended to be comprehensive thus helping less-privileged areas and people who do not have any medical insurance.”

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